Research & Documentation

  • The Twelfth Seminar of IATS

    Attending IATS 2010

    From August 15-21, 2010, over four hundred people converged on the beautiful campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver for the 12th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies (IATS).

  • The Urban Space of Lhasa

    I am interested in the role of city space in the modernisation of Tibetan areas of China.

For centuries Tibet has been a synonym for mystery. In recent years, highways, airports, cellular phones, and satellite television have begun to punch holes in the high walls of the Himalayas, drawing the Tibetan Plateau ever closer to the recently globalized world.

To advance knowledge of the contemporary state of communities on the Tibetan Plateau and support the overall effort to ensure the continuity and development of Tibetan culture, people, and places, Trace Foundation engages with individuals and organizations undertaking research to assess the current needs of Tibetan communities, particularly as they relate to minority education, minority-language issues, development models, environmental protection, local histories, and modernization versus traditional knowledge.

To this end, we actively support Tibetan-language publications and other publications that document contemporary and traditional Tibetan cultural practices to ensure their long-term survival. From folk stories, and poetry, to text books, journals, and children books, publications supported by Trace Foundation have enriched Tibetan literature, strengthened Tibetan-language education, and preserved significant portions of Tibet’s incredible literary heritage.