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Sexuality According to Tibetan Medicine & Buddhism

Sexuality According to Tibetan Medicine & Buddhism
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Join us for a talk by Dr. Nida Chenaktsang on sexuality in Tibetan medicine, and the role of sex for energy and health. Dr. Nida will also look at Buddhist views on sexuality, as well as the historical masters and texts that cover this subject, including the Kamasutra and karmamudra.

Dr. Nida Chenaktsang

Dr. Nida Chenaktsang

Dr. Nida is director of the International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM) and the cofounder of the International Ngak-Mang Institutes (NMI), established to preserve and maintain the Rebkong Ngakpa culture within modern Tibetan society. For many years, he has taught courses on Tibetan medicine and other related sciences all over the world. He has extensively researched ancient Tibetan medicinal treatments, specializing in the revival of external therapies, which has brought him high acclaim in the field of Tibetan medicine in both the East and West.


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