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Activity Report 2011–2012

More than many of the years that came before, 2011 and 2012 were characterized by soul-searching. Like so many people and organizations riding this wave of history, we continued to feel the ripples... read more

Activity Report 2010

As Trace Foundation nears its nineteenth year, the few core ideas on which the organization was founded are stronger than ever. First is the appreciation and celebration of Tibetan culture. You see... read more

Minority Language in Today's Global Society, vols. 1 and 2

The fragility of minority languages is becoming apparent in a globalizing world. Linguists, civil society organizations, local communities, governments, and supranational organizations are advocating... read more

Künpen Tamsar, Fall 2010

There is a moment of disorientation when you lose someone suddenly, a dizzying second in which it is impossible to imagine how we could possibly carry on without them. It was this sense of vertigo... read more

Künpen Tamsar, Spring–Summer 2010

Here at Trace Foundation, we talk a great deal about community. Whether it’s our work in the field, or our events and initiatives in New York, or even the attitude we attempt to foster amongst our... read more

Trace Foundation's Latse Newsletter, vol. 6

The sixth issue of Trace Foundation's Latse Library's Newsletter, covering 2009–2010. This issue includes a special feature on the life of Alak Tseten Zhabdrung by Nicole Willock, as well as articles... read more

Activity Report 2008–2009

In early March of 2008, a wave of civil unrest shook the Tibetan Plateau, claiming several lives. Only two months later, this was followed by one of the most devastating humanitarian disasters to... read more

Trace Foundation's Latse Newsletter, vol. 5

The fifth issue of Trace Foundation's Latse Newsletter from 2007–2008. The latest issue features articles on the life of the late Dungkar Rinpoche, the death of the fifth Dalai Lama, and the launch... read more

Trace Foundation's Latse Newsletter, vol. 4

The fourth issue of Trace Foundation's Latse Newsletter. This issue includes reports from the Foundation's library on our Tibetan calligraphy workshop, a tasting of the cheese from the Trace... read more