• Tibetan Students Dream Big

    She has come a long way from her beginnings growing up in a small village where collecting yak dung for fuel took precedence over sticking her nose in books.

  • Little School in the City

    A short, stocky man with long dark hair Humchen appears, at first glance, to be quite ordinary, but he’s a man with a mission.

  • Kelsang Kyi, a Trace Foundation scholarship recipient in our library

    An Education

    Sitting quietly at the end of the long conference table in Trace Foundation’s headquarters in New York, Kelsang Kyi nervously plays with a few sheets of paper, shuffling an

  • Jigme Gyaltsen

    “I started the Jigme Gyalsen Nationalities Vocational School in 1994 out of a wish to contribute to the promotion of Tibetan culture and education,” he says, explaining his

Education is the bedrock of social and economic development. A strong education system, relevant to the needs and culture of its students, not only prepares individuals for future employment, it empowers them to participate in the conversation about their future and guides development across the region. In many communities, however, lack of access constrains the development not only of individuals but also of the education system at large.

Recognizing this vital need, since 1999 Trace Foundation has offered scholarships to promising individuals committed to improving the Tibetan-medium education system, and the overall quality of life in Tibetan areas. Today, Trace Foundation continues to provide support to students seeking an education at all levels.

Trace Foundation provides scholarships to support students seeking an education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as professional training for those in a range of fields.