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Künpen Tamsar, Spring–Summer 2010

Here at Trace Foundation, we talk a great deal about community. Whether it’s our work in the field, or our events and initiatives in New York, or even the attitude we attempt to foster amongst our staff, community lies at the heart of all our efforts. I am reminded of this as we launch Künpen Tamsar, our new quarterly newsletter. Künpen Tamsar might best be translated from Tibetan as “news from Trace”—künpen (ཀུན་ཕན།), meaning beneficial to all, being the Tibetan name for Trace Foundation, tam (གཏམ།), meaning news or reports, and sar (གསར།), meaning new. This does not mean, however, that in the following pages you will find a simple report of our achievements in the past six months. What you will find are the stories of the incredible places where and people with whom we work. From an audience member at an event held in New York, to the convener of a conference supported by Trace Foundation, to one of our research fellows, you will also hear the voices of several members of our community. This newsletter is, and will remain, a work in progress, and it is a work that we invite you to join us on. Whether it is a photo, a comment on how we’re doing, or a full article, with Künpen Tamsar we hope to create a space where the myriad voices of our community can be heard, where ideas can be shared, and where we can all learn something new. We look forward to hearing from you, Enrico Dell’Angelo